The 8-Step Travel Writing Guide

In Part 1, Kian Ann tells you what are the gadgets for your travel writing and how to use them to record your journey.

The is the Part 2 of "How to Write a Travelogue" contributed by Tan Kian Ann of

If you've gone for a long holiday, you might be stumped on how to get started writing your travelogue. That's normal. Here's our 8-step travel writing guide to get you started.

Step 1: Downloading

Start by getting all your photos and notes downloaded from your camera into your computer. Create a folder for each day of your trip and put the photos for each day into that folder. Name the folder it in the format "YYYY-MM-DD". This way, you can sort the photos in chronological order in most computer systems.

Step 2: Sorting

Within each folder, now browse through the photos and separate out the different activities. For example, if you spent the morning at shopping mall A, and then proceeded for a farm visit in the afternoon, separate the photos out into two folders.

Step 3: Tagging

If you have taken your photos and logged everything diligently, you should have a good number of photos in each sub folder (by activity), including pictures of all the timings, transportation tickets, and food you eat during that period.

Step 4: Organising

Start writing your travelogue by first listing the days and the activities. These are your folder and subfolder names. Then, attack you new collection of photos one activity at a time.

Step 5: Writing

Write a paragraph or two for each activity. With the help of your photos and notes, you will be better able to recall how you felt during that time.

Step 6: Detailing

Once you are done with all the folders, you should have quite a good length of text written up. This length of text is like a journal. However, to make it even more useful for others, now is the time to dig out all the brochures to fish out key pieces of information that your target audience would be interested in. For example, things like train schedules, or mall directories would be really useful to help other plan their own itineraries better.

Step 7: Re-writing

Insert these pieces of information at the appropriate paragraphs, using words like "If you can't reach the bus stop at this timing, you can also...", or "If you have spare time, you can head down to the cafe on the second level..."

Step 8: Editing

When that is all done, read through you whole essay a couple of times, to make sure the paragraphs flow, and there you have it, your awesome travelogue!

Now that you have some ideas how to write your travelogue, get it done and share it with the world. You can send us your travelogue via our Contact page.

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