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Luxury Coach Service provides daily express bus services from Orchard Road to Malacca. The pick up point is conveniently located at the Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall, about 5 minutes' walk from the Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station.

Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall Taxi Stand

The Luxury coach to Malacca departs at 8am on weekdays and at 7.30am on weekends. With early morning departure, you can do a short day-trip to Malacca and return to Singapore on the same day. The drop off points in Malacca are conveniently located at popular hotels: Casa Del Rio, Double Tree Hilton, Hatten Hotel, Swiss Garden Hoteland and The Straits Hoteland Suites.

For the return trip, you can catch the express bus at the same locations at between 3.15pm and 4.30pm. Book your bus ticket in advance to secure the seat.

Luxury Bus Timing & Ticket Price

Pick-up Point Destination Departure Ticket Price**
Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall
(Orchard Road)
-Casa Del Rio
-DoubleTree Hilton
-Hatten Hotel
-Swiss Garden
-The Straits Hoteland Suites
Mon-Thu: 8am
Fri-Sun: 7.30am
**The timing & bus ticket prices are indicative, please click here for the latest.

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