Singapore to Port Dickson Bus by KKKL Express

Singapore to Port Dickson Bus by KKKL Express

[28 October 2019] Now you can take your favorite KKKL Express bus from Singapore to Port Dickson and return. The pick-up point in Singapore is at Kovan Hub and drop-off points in Port Dickson are Avillion Port Dickson, Lexis Hibiscus and Grand Lexis Hotel. The bus journey from Singapore to Port Dickson takes about 5 hours and the bus ticket costs SGD35 one-way.

See the table below for the KKKL Express departure timing from Kovan Hub to Port Dickson and return pick-up timing at Avillion Port Dickson, Grand Lexis Hotel and Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson.

Pick-up Drop-off Departure Time Ticket Price
Kovan Hub
Port Dickson
Avillion Port Dickson
Grand Lexis Hotel
Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson
7.45am SGD35
Avillion Port Dickson Singapore
Kovan Hub
2.15pm SGD35
Grand Lexis Hotel 2.30pm
Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson 3pm

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About KKKL Express
First established in 1983, KKKL Express has since grown into one of the largest and well-known bus companies that offers express bus services to major cities in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. KKKL Express is big on safety and quality services, thus making sure all their drivers are well-trained and experienced.

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