Johor Bahru to Bahau and Tampin with Kurnia Suria Express

[26 Jul 2023] You can now book your bus ticket from Johor Bahru to Bahau and Tampin bus tickets online at Kurnia Suria Express buses pick up at these two locations in Johor Bahru: Larkin Sentral and Sri Putri Johor Bahru(Shell Station).

The first bus leaves Larkin Sentral at 9am and arrives Sri Putri Johor Bahru(Shell Station) at 9.15am to pick up more passengers before proceeding to Tampin Bus Terminal around noon. From Tampin, the bus leaves at 12.15pm for Bahau Bus Terminal.

Kurnia Suria Express from Johor Bahru to Bahau/Tampin

Here's the departure timings and ticket prices for Kurnia Suria Express buses from Johor Bahru, Tampin and Bahau.

Time Pick-up To Ticket Price
9am, 6.45pm Larkin Sentral Johor Bahru Bahau Bus Terminal RM35
Tampin Bus Terminal RM33
9.15am, 7pm Sri Putri Johor Bahru (Shell Station) Bahau Bus Terminal RM35
Tampin Bus Terminal RM33
12.15pm, 9.55pm Bahau Bus Terminal Tampin Bus Terminal RM10
*The above timing and bus ticket prices are subjected to changes without notice.

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About Kurnia Suria Express
Kurnia Suria Express has been in the transportation business for more than 20 years. It operates a fleet of well-maintained 40/44-seater buses on the Bahau Terminal to Tampin Terminal, and to Larkin Terminal return trips.

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