How to take an Express Bus to Kuala Lumpur

Taking an express bus to Kuala Lumpur is popular with travellers looking for cost saving and convenience of arriving directly in the heart of KL hotel and shopping belt without the hassle of airport transfer.

Arriving at KL City Centre - Cheaper and Less Hassle

It is still cheaper to take the express bus to Malaysia than taking the cheap flights from Singapore. The bus fare for a one-way trip from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur starts from SGD23 and the bus will take you right into Kuala Lumpur city centre. For the ultimate comfort and luxury, you may choose to travel on a 18-seater luxury Singapore-KL coach that will cost you upwards of SGD56.

There are various classes of express bus travel:

  • Economy
  • Executive
  • VIP and Super VIP

The standard express bus has a capacity of up to 40 passengers on Economy class and the bus ticket to KL starts from SGD25 one-way.

Bus Ticket to Kuala Lumpur

As for Executive or VIP class, the number of seats are reduced to 25 and it costs about SGD37 one-way. For even more spacious seat, the 20-seater and lesser seats on a single-deck bus, the Super VIP class coach costs SGD56 or more one-way and offers passengers more leg room and elbow space.

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Work on Your Laptop and Stay Connected

With roaming, you can remain contactable with your mobile phone. This may be one good reason why people choose to travel by an express bus to Malaysia.

On top of that, many of the Sin-KL coaches now have power plug points at the seat for you charge your laptop and use it throughout the 5 hours bus journey.

Use Your Laptop on Bus

Coach with Wifi to Kuala Lumpur

Some bus operators even advertised to have Wi-Fi internet access onboard, however, most of the time the connection is slow and intermittent. Also, not all the coaches in their fleet are equipped with wifi, you will have to confirm at the time of booking with the express bus company that the coach has free internet access onboard.

Free Meal Onboard, Shorter Travelling Time

Aeroline and NICE, serve meal onboard to cut down the intermediate stops and reduce the total travel time. As a rule of thumb, the higher the class and price, the shorter the travel time.

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